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For some strange reason, that is, until the advent of Turner, watercolours were considered as a “female” past-time

In this Motoring Artwork, depicting a very dramatic car – Subaru Impreza WRC – I have been as faithful as possible to the imposing blue of the paintwork of this vehicle.   And, it is a WATERCOLOUR.

Ver 0.30N.


Anne D'Alton's Artworks, canvas, charcoal, illustrtation, oil painting, painting, portrait

In this portrait of the fantastic British Actor, John Hurt,  instead of the conventional oil portrait, this painting shows only part of the face in colour and the rest in cartoon form.    The work has been illustrated using oil paints and charcoal on stretched canvas.


Oil “portrait ” of Actor, John Hurt.


l952 Jaguar XK 140

l952 Jaguar XK 140  This is a commissioned artwork, a watercolour painted on Canson medium grained paper.   The classic car is placed against an equally iconic background – that of Mont St. Michel, in Brittany, West France.    The size of this motoring artwork ( in whch I specialise) is 40cm x 32cm.       For many artists, the choice of materials for this type of artwork is either acrylic or gouache : I prefer to work in oils on canvas or watercolours.     Motoring artwork is a little tricky as there are many angles to cover and personally, I always think this genre is best handled by people, who like me, have a passion for all things engined…….      This does not mean to say that I do not handle other subjects  – I most certainly do- but I really enjoy the challenge of this particular aspect of art.     

All my artworks are certified and signed originals.


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Please join me at La Plesse, for a series of challenging, enjoyable   and highly rewarding, drawing and painting workshops, in a variety of mediums and on a range of themes.

  My Art Studio is located at Ercé en Lamée, situated 35 k south of Rennes,  Brittany, W. France, Dept. 35. For more information please e-mail me at :- art2cherish@orange.fr

Visitors are welcome to come and enjoy my artwork – by prior arrangement please.

An african sky at sunset

An African sky at sunset; oil on board.