l952 Jaguar XK 140

l952 Jaguar XK 140  This is a commissioned artwork, a watercolour painted on Canson medium grained paper.   The classic car is placed against an equally iconic background – that of Mont St. Michel, in Brittany, West France.    The size of this motoring artwork ( in whch I specialise) is 40cm x 32cm.       For many artists, the choice of materials for this type of artwork is either acrylic or gouache : I prefer to work in oils on canvas or watercolours.     Motoring artwork is a little tricky as there are many angles to cover and personally, I always think this genre is best handled by people, who like me, have a passion for all things engined…….      This does not mean to say that I do not handle other subjects  – I most certainly do- but I really enjoy the challenge of this particular aspect of art.     

All my artworks are certified and signed originals.


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