Because I am an Artist who enjoys the technical aspect of my work – i.e. motoring artwork, the fabulous and unique design of this superb Jagermeister Porsche, just begged me to draw it.

     I chose a somewhat unusual three-quarter view of the car for this artwork, which allowed me to play with light and dark shades and a form of pointillism to emphasise the curves of this glorious car.    This artwork (sold) was executed in ink on paper – using Staedler     05 and 0.1 pens (lightproof  and waterproof inks) and Canson 300 gsm paper.

     In the future, I plan on painting, this same vehicle, but in oils on canvas and from two  separate viewpoints using a somewhat different approach to the brushstrokes, effects and the colouring, etc…….

     Hopefully you will enjoy this work and if you too, would like to learn how to become a proficient motoring artwork Artist , please contact me for full details of my new series of one-to-one classes, starting in mid-October in my Art Studio, close to Rennes in Brittany.     Looking forward to seeing you soon


-Jagermeister Porsche

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