Know your Artist – they are your friend.

To many people, Art, means staring at somebody else’s grossly overpriced and quite incomprehensible – e.g. the modernist movement, or equally, quite overpowering, as in the case of the “old masters’ artworks” filled  with plump bodies, acres of swirling cloth, “brocelli” trees and masses of cloud-filled skies.   Art, though, can also mean all, or indeed none, of these images…..

Art should actually mean something that gives you pleasure to own and to look at: is affordable and furthermore, something that the artist has obviously enjoyed painting.    If you ask an artist to paint or draw an image that he or she is not familiar nor comfortable with, the result can be disappointing to the purchaser and to the artist.    As a case in point, I know artists who paint the most wonderful seascapes – but don’t ask me to do such work; it could be disasterous!   With many commissions and many happy Clients, I stick to what I do best, which means repeat commissions and work that is satisfactory on all scores.

Getting to know your Artist and their work may mean visiting their studio and seeing their portfolios.   This is why I have an open door policy, so visitors can see my work in progress,   the preliminary works that lead to the finished drawings and paintings and of course, the completed works.   They can also chat to me over a cup of coffee in a relaxed atmosphere and tell me what they would like to commission from me; the subject they have in mind, the materials and the mediums to be used; whether the work is to be framed or unframed, their budget and the proposed time it will take to collect their unique drawing or painting, which they will receive as a signed and certified,  original artwork.

Admittedly, my speciality is illustrating rally and racing cars, as shown below, sometimes with and sometimes without the driver.  However, as you can see on my web-site, I also  undertake other types of artwork (- though NEVER seascapes…….) which I enjoy doing.   I hope this will encourage you to go an talk to an artist if you want a particular type of work for yourself or someone else.   As a Client/Artist team, you will be happy you did this and should be very satisfied with the outcome of this joint effort.

I am pleased to announce that in 2018 I shall be organising Art Workshops, for both amateur and the more experienced artists where they can achieve a very high standard of drawing and painting skills.   Thank you for reading this and I trust this has been useful advice.



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