An Irish Castle.

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I.castle colour.jpgIrish castles are always dramatic and this is an example (with a little bit of “artistic” licence, thrown in) executed in ink and watercolour – line and wash.

A Portrait of 2 Cats. Watercolour on paper.

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I am an animal lover, so work featuring animals is always a pleasure.   This watercolour is now in a private collectiion.2 cats (2).jpg

Still life in blue. Watercolour on paper. Size:- 45cm x 50cm

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Some people deem still-life to be old-fashioned…..    Details and price of this original, signed, artwork available on demand.bluedrapery

Head of purple Iris. Watercolour on Paper – Greeting Card.

Anne D'Alton's Artworks, contemporary art, floral artwork, illustrtation, Original Artwork., Signed by the Artist, watercolour

The drama of this flower, short-lived as it is – was well worth painting.

Brittany – Professional Drawing and Painting Courses.

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Clematis and thatched cottagesDo you  want to master the skill of making quick and accurate drawings and paintings? Or do you long to create a truly superb work of art?

Then come an join me in my fully equipped Art Studio in gorgeous Brittany – and make your dream come true…

As a working Artist-Painter, I have many years’ experience ( In Ireland and in France) of teaching people how to produce lst class illustrations and paintings – in all fields and in all aspects of drawing and painting mediums and materials.

Although I specialise in one-to-one Professional, Art Personal Tuition, I also hold a number of challenging Open Days (limited to just 4 persons) which comprise a Professional Art Class in the morning and in the afternoon, the students are given the time to unleash their creativity and to create a wonderful  work of art of their own.

For full details and tariffs on these excellent programmes, etc., please contact me at:-



Anne D'Alton's Artworks, illustrtation, ink drawing, motoring artwork, Pencil drawing/

Having been trained in the old-fashioned way –  I know that building an artwork from scratch, although a slow process,  can have very satisfactory results – for the artist and the viewer/buyer.

This particular Motoring Artwork depicts the late, amazing, Scottish Rally Driver, Colin McRae, MBE. World Rally Champion, with his Subaru Impreza WRC.   To complete the artwork, I have added in two further details, one, the Family Crest overwritten with a short written script and the other, the Flag of Scotland.

It took two months plus to complete this artwork and I hope you enjoy it.

Ver 0.30N


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I watched a programme about a painting challenge yesterday and whilst I enjoyed the various ways with which each artist approached their subject, one thing I really noticed was the very tense way in which almost all of them held their drawing and painting (brushes and palette knives, etc.) implements.  In this illustration, note how the brush is barely held in the artist’s hand.  This takes time to master, but is well worth the effort.

Painting a portion of a painting.

Painting a portion of a painting.


Anne D'Alton's Artworks, illustrtation, ink drawing, motoring artwork, oil painting, painting, portrait

As a demonstration of the dramatic use of oil paint, I have demonstrated here, one of my artworks, a portrait of the late (and very great) Graham Hill  F1 and World Champion Motorsport Racing Driver.

Graham Hill F1 and World Champion Motor racing Driver

Graham Hill F1 and World Champion Motor racing Driver

This is not a large work but the use of oil paints in this instance, make, I feel, a very imposing artwork.


Anne D'Alton's Artworks, buildings, illustrtation, pencil and crayon

Crayons and pencil are regarded by some as “childish”.   Not so.  Here is an example of these mediums used together to produce an illustration – much loved by the Client!

A mock-tudor house


l952 Jaguar XK 140

l952 Jaguar XK 140  This is a commissioned artwork, a watercolour painted on Canson medium grained paper.   The classic car is placed against an equally iconic background – that of Mont St. Michel, in Brittany, West France.    The size of this motoring artwork ( in whch I specialise) is 40cm x 32cm.       For many artists, the choice of materials for this type of artwork is either acrylic or gouache : I prefer to work in oils on canvas or watercolours.     Motoring artwork is a little tricky as there are many angles to cover and personally, I always think this genre is best handled by people, who like me, have a passion for all things engined…….      This does not mean to say that I do not handle other subjects  – I most certainly do- but I really enjoy the challenge of this particular aspect of art.     

All my artworks are certified and signed originals.