Even as a small girl, I was fascinated by fast cars and fast motorbikes.

          But it wasn’t until I reached my teens that this interest was reciprocrated in the form of years of karting and my motorbike.    Although an Art College Graduate, it never occurred to my tutors nor indeed to me, that perhaps I should concentrate on motoring artwork….until….. a totally unexpected drive in a Subaru WRC changed everything!!!!

      This is stage one of a new motoring artwork, featuring the amazing French Rally Driver, Michele Mouton, in the equally amazing Audi Quattro Group B Rally Car – a terrifying combination if you happened to be a fellow competitor!!!

      This work is being painted in Artist’s oils on high grade box framed canvas.

I hope you enjoy this work and if you would like to draw and paint cars, motor-bikes, etc., please join my new series of One-to-0ne Classes, at my Art Studio, close to Rennes.  Further details of these classes will be posted shortly, as they will re-commence in early October and I look forward to seeing you there.


Audi q. flying (2)


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