The Artist completing a motoring artwork

The Artist completing a motoring artwork

I am an Artist-Painter.   That is, although computor lliterate, I draw and paint, in the old-fashioned manner, without the use of C.A.D. and without the use of digital enhancement.

My artistic career started at the age of  three when my mother had a wall in the kitchen painted matt black, handed me a box of coloured chalks and instructed me to draw pictures of the stories she told – she was a well know writer.    And in fact, I haven’t stopped drawing and painting since those tender years.

After Art College,and now married, I decided to deviate somewhat from my artistic leanings and took a course in Interior Architecture & Design, after which I opened my practice, Andrian Interiors and also the National College of Interior Design & Art.   In later years, I also founded the Dublin School of Art.   These three operations ensured that my drawing and painting skills were kept up to standard, as often, Clients requested artwork for their interiors and I was also teaching art at a professional level.

Although “catholic” in my art training, e.g. learning how to draw and paint portraits, landscapes, still-lives and technical illustrations, my interest in cars and motorbikes never waned.   Again, from the age of three, I accompanied my father  on almost every motorsport event possible and because I was interested in machinery, would help him start the various elderly cars he so cherished.   This, in turn, spawned my wish to include motoring artwork in my art repetoire,

Apart from my artwork, my hobbies include driving fast cars whenever possible; composing and playing piano music and gardening.   For sheer indulgence I enjoy reading well-written historical and detective novels.


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