Most Artists know what they enjoy drawing and painting, and equally importantly, what they do NOT like to draw or paint.

Some people thrive on painting landscapes – with wonderful results – whereas others paint landscapes that well, have little or no impact on the viewer.    Of course, it takes time to develop your innate feelings of comfort and ease with a subject, but when you find that either you are reluctant to commence illustrating such and such an object(s) or that your work looks stilted and stiff and lack-lustre, then it is quite possible, that either you decide to practice illustrating that type of work until you perfect it, or you don’t bother and leave it to those who excell in that particular genre!

I have huge admiration for people who paint wonderful sea-scapes, filled with huge rolling waves topped by massive spume heads….a subject that I will not touch……     I also admire greatly, artists who paint larger than life size portraits, or pictures of flowers, or fruit, etc., whereas I am quite happy to paint “normal” size portraits or floral work.  My limits also extend to painting botanical works, as all that “fiddly” detail (which I enjoy painting in cars and motorbikes….) I find  tedius and which simply, doesn’t appeal to my artistic senses.

When you enjoy drawing or painting something – it shows in your artwork and the result will be a work that appeals.       There are, of course, people who can draw and paint everything to perfection, but they are unique.    Most of us, through trial and error, find a range of subjects that interests us, as artists, and which we can then portray in a manner that shows off our artistic ability and gives pleasure to the viewer.

A baby levret - the sign of springtime.

A baby levret – the sign of springtime.


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