You may think that art or indeed an Artist (any Artist) has nothing to do with you.   Wrong, at first count.

Every item that is made (and usually purchased),  is first conceived by an artist/designer/draughtsperson and then committed to paper.   Some of the examples are extreme, such as those of that unique Victorian Structural Engineer, Isambard Brunel, whose wonderful achievements were all laid down first to paper and then to steel, brick, wood and stone and everything, from great bridges to incredible steam ships all designed without the use of a computor…   This genius used a pencil, paper and a slide rule……

Art, isn’t necessarily, a work of great renown or achievement, but it should give you, the viewer and possibly, the purchaser, a great deal of pleasure.   And this is of course, where the Artist comes in.    To-day, with the help of Social media, we can enjoy a vast array of artworks displayed on our screens and at the touch of a button, depicting A to Z in art  and within an equally huge range of prices.

Some of the works on view, will be understatedly simple, as in  line drawings, whereas others will be stunningly  complex.    A visit to an Art Gallery or two, or any Art Exhibition or Artist’s Open Day will also open your mind to the possibilities created by each and every artist.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin

I have chosen to illustrate this page by my pencil illustration of, I think, a late l950’s Aston Martin racing car..  This drawing itself is simple, but the concept, shape and classic car that has been created by the original designer/artist –  most certainly, is not.   And if one is the owner of such a beautiful vehicle, I think they must look at it every day, with joyful admiration, apart from having the incredible pleasure of driving it.Sketch Aston MartinSketch Aston Martin


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